Let's build your brand.
And let's make it big.

This is a program. Not a course.
Step by step, I'm going to help you develop and execute a bold content strategy for your business. It’s my consulting service, but much more affordable.



Welcome to
Brittni's Content Lab!

I specialise in helping small to medium sized companies use content to expand their reach, position themselves as experts and simplify their sales process.

But don't just take my word for it...

"Brittni’s helped us make content creation a habit at Dumbo and has built an understanding of our brand and our goals that is second to none."

- R. Goesch, CEO (DUMBO)

"We brought Brittni on to help our team create and share content with stakeholders and customers online. Their confidence and motivation skyrocketed after working with Brittni."

- K. Lee, COO (CAWST)

"With Brittni's help I could create a first version of my B2B content strategy within a few hours."

- E. Schächterle (Consultant)

Because investing in content is no longer optional.

I will help you figure out what you should be talking about and how you should be talking about it.
This program provides all the tools, support and direction you need.

What's included?

Real-time consulting sessions

3 months of weekly, small group coaching sessions where we'll workshop your ideas, I'll answer questions and provide guidance while you roll out your plan.

Content templates & formats

You'll get access to all my templates! Including my Miro-board, content calendar, distribution check-list and formatting formula's for all platforms.

50+ videos of
in-depth training

Your own self-paced program to develop and execute your content strategy! The training is full of practical tips and tangible advice that you can apply tomorrow.

Content Lab Slack Community Access

It's like your very own accountability team! We'll support and learn from each other as we all work towards our content goals together.

Gain content confidence

Posting powerful content for your business can be scary. I'll help you get over the initial hurdle so you can start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

Position yourself
as an expert

Become a thought-leader in your industry! You'll learn how to use content to share your ideas, start conversations and get qualified leads.

3-Month Content Plan... Wohooo!

You'll create a strategic plan for your content based on your business goals. A plan that's realistic, straight-forward and achievable for any content team.

Simplify your sales process

Let your content do the work. Learn how to use content to make your sales easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Fully remote experience

An effective and fun program for your team whether you're working miles apart or side-by-side.


Sounds good?
Enjoy a free sneak peek...

Get an idea of what's waiting for you inside the program. Watch one of my video lessons for FREE now!


This program is packed with video lessons, templates, and live consulting sessions.🔥

I know how overwhelming it can be to master the content-game. But it doesn't have to be! It can be straight-forward and a lot of fun! And that's why I created this program.

  • Step-by-step video guide and coaching (50+ videos!)
    Worth € 8.000
  • 3 months of weekly, small group coaching sessions with Brittni
    Worth € 3.120
  • My 3-month content calendar template
    Worth € 250
  • My exclusive cheat-sheets for production,
    distribution and formatting for all platforms
    Worth € 2.500
  • Access to my content strategy workshop (Miro-board)
    Worth € 1.200
  • Countless cheesy jokes and goofy faces from Brittni
    Worth -priceless-

With my Content Lab
you get it all for

€ 1.950 plus VAT
Worth: € 15.070


Easy-breezy money back guarantee.👍

You won't need it. But always good to have!
If you're not happy you can get a full discount (just as long as you haven't finished more than 25% of the program). Just drop us a line and you'll get your money back. How great is that?!


I've got A's for your Q's 😀

  • Who is this program for?

My Content Lab is for anyone wanting to learn how to use content to grow an audience, position themselves as an expert in a specific industry and develop a practical, strategic content plan that delivers results.

It's designed for B2B organisations and with my background in the tech and innovation space, it's perfect for fast moving industries. Agency owners, freelancers, consultants, marketing teams or sales teams, this program is the perfect kick start to developing a content culture within your organisation.  

  • When can I start the program?

You can start today! This is a self paced program, as soon as you complete the workshop portion of the course, you can book your first coaching call with me! The workshop usually takes around 6-8 hours depending on how much discussion you allow, and I recommend that you do the workshop over a few afternoons.  

  • How will the coaching calls be run?

You will have access to a coaching call once a week with me (Brittni!) for the 3 months while your content plan is rolling out!

The coaching calls will be small group zoom calls. This way we can learn from each other and you'll get the chance to Your first coaching call will be about your content plan. Any questions that came up - concerns you have about any specifics or if you need some advice around the topics, ideas or formats you've planned.

The calls after that will range from general Q&A to specific industry topics that will be determined by what all the "students" want to talk about. Topics can include things like copywriting tips, formatting tricks, group idea brainstorms, platform updates, etc! I can guarantee that they will always be fun, interactive and valuable.

  • What do I need for the workshop?

The workshop is a practical, hands-on guide on developing a 3-month content plan. For the workshop you should bring together a few people from your team.

People who should be present: The "product owner" of the content strategy (whoever is in charge of making it happen), other team members who will be contributing to the production of content and anyone else who knows the business really well (CEO, managing director, sales person, etc.).

You will need approximately 8-9 hours for this workshop and I recommend spreading it over 2 to 3 days.

In the program, I breakdown how I would recommend dividing up the workshop so that the team isn't overwhelmed and you can get your content plan together quickly and effectively.  

  • What do I actually get when I join?
  • You get access to my Content Strategy Kickoff Workshop - the workshop I use with all my clients to zero in on their target audiences, establish their goals and create a practical and compelling content plan.
  • I'll facilitate your kickoff workshop! In the workshop videos, I will walk you through all of the exercises, explaining how to do them effectively and make sure that you stay on track with your content plan.
  • Hours of video around best practices, tips and tricks for creating B2B content that's powerful and results driven.
  • You'll get my digital workshop template on Mural, and templates for posting articles, carousels and how to break down content. You'll also get my check-lists for content creation and distribution.
  • Weekly coaching calls with me and the other students
  • Permanent access to Brittni's Content Lab Slack community! This is a place where we share ideas, helpful hints and support each other in our content on a daily basis!  
  • Why should I choose this program over others out there?

This program is for the people who like to keep it fun and practical. It's specifically for B2B organizations who want to make content a bigger part of their business strategy but they need someone to point them in the right direction.

It's for people who don't have a ton of time to dedicate to content, but they understand how important it is that they make room for it.

Another big part of this program is the community that you'll have access to! We'll all be each other's accountability buddies, share our learnings as we go and provide a support system for each other's work!  

  • If I have a content team, is this still worth it?

YES. This is a great program for a small content team. It will help them to better understand their goals, audience and messaging.

  • How long does the program take to complete?

However long it takes you! This program is completely self-paced. The only thing you need to consider is that once you begin your coaching group calls, you'll have 3-months of weekly calls that you aren't obligated to attend - but I would highly recommend that you do!  

  • How does payment work?

Super easy! You can pay by PayPal or credit card! After payment you will receive an official invoice with VAT for your taxes.